We research competition, industries, and markets to help companies understand the competitive environment and market trends.


ResearchQuest Inc. offers customized competitive and market intelligence research, analysis, and training for Small and Medium Size Enterprises.



ResearchQuest offers customized competitive and market intelligence research, analysis and training services for Small and Medium Size Enterprises.

Market and competitive insights are important to the success and growth strategy. We gather and provide decision makers with intelligence about competitors, industries, markets and relevant technology trends, to help our clients develop more competitive strategies and build long-term sustainable competitive advantages.

We research and analyze the external competitive environment to help you anticipate trends that will affect your business and better understand your customer needs and preferences.

We are passionate about providing customized research solutions, based on a deep understanding of our client needs and business challenges. We enjoy helping companies to expand their businesses.

If you are

  • Developing a new innovative product and need intelligence to improve your research and development process
  • Interested to know more about your competitor and their products / service offerings
  • Determined to understand your customers and their preferences
  • Committed to use information to drive your business decisions
  • Enthusiastic to find new markets within and outside of Canada
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