We research competition, industries, and markets to help companies understand the competitive environment and market trends.
We analyze data & information that is current, comprehensive, reliable, and tailored to the specific key intelligence needs of our clients in order to add value and support clients’ strategic decision making.

Our Competitive and Market Intelligence Research and Analysis Focus:

key industry players, suppliers and vendors, competitor alliances, product portfolio, financials, competitors’ R&D, corporate strategies, market size, target market, customer segment, trends impacting industry, emerging technology, and much more.

Individual and group competitive and market intelligence training sessions available:

1) Introduction to Competitive and Market Intelligence Research and Analysis
2) Competitive and Market Intelligence Analysis Tools and Techniques
3) Competitive and Market Intelligence Sources of Information



ResearchQuest Inc. offers customized competitive and market intelligence research, analysis, and training for Small and Medium Size Enterprises.

Because we have research expertise and relevant proprietary databases, we are able to provide customized Competitive and Market Intelligence research services that enable our clients to develop more competitive strategies and build long-term sustainable competitive advantages.

Unlike other research service providers, we leverage our technical expertise and collaborative style with an integrated approach to provide more relevant and actionable data.

Our team has more than 14 years’experience in competitive and market intelligence.

We have successfully conducted more than 380 competitive and market intelligence projects for SMEs.

We work within our clients’ budget.

If our customers aren’t completely satisfied, we redo the project free of charge.

High level of customer satisfaction and excellent service quality: our top priorities.

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